Sunday, August 12, 2012

#MSSunFun - Notebooks

I guess for this to make sense I need to describe a bit of my classroom structure.  My class is made up of average to below average math students.  I also have a large population of special education or other at risk students.  We teach everything all the time.  There are not traditional units and ideas are constantly coming back during instruction and learning.  All quizzes and tests are cumulative.

My students use a 3 ring binder with dividers for their math notebooks.

Section 1 - Do Now

This is the largest section of their notebook.  Each day students come into the room and begin the Do Now (warm-up).  It is usually a combination of old and new concepts.  Sometimes it will take 5 minutes and other days it is the lesson.  The idea is to have students engaged and working problems to develop understandings.

Section 2 - Keep Forever Notes

I don't expect my students to take notes everyday but they are expected to do mathematics.  Once we have discussed and tossed around a concept enough I will provide a graphic organizer or formal notes page for my students.  Each page is usually a different color so it is easier to reference and find.

Section 3 - Quizzes/Tests

All are cumulative.  Last year I had 1 cumulative test and 3 quizzes each 9-weeks.

Section 4 - Oldies But Goodies

This is the homework section.  Homework is also cumulative.  Oldies but Goodies (OBGs) are given to students on Monday and due back on Friday.  This is not a formal part of a students grade.  Usually the quizzes mirror the feel of an Oldies but Goodies.

Section 5 - Other

Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else (practice worksheet, group activity, etc.)

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