Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NCTM - More day 1

I feel like I should confess that I am a session hopper. I have a very hard time sitting in a session for the entire time. So many times there are multiple sessions at the same time I want to see. So yeah... I left early on this one...

Connecting and Communicating in Math Class Using Graphic Organizers
Carol A. Hynes

Better utilizing graphic organizers is something I'd like to work on next year so I thought this session might give me some ideas. As part of the introduction, Carol talked about the power of using graphic organizers when adopted school-wide or district-wide.

Some of the graphic organizers she shared were
Links (rule of 4)

You can find numerous examples here. You can download the zip file at the bottom of the page.

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  1. I'm a firm believer that providing students a structure in note-taking and assignment completion increases student's comprehension of the content being taught. Things such as content maps/webs, two column notes, and foldables (A CRISS strategy http://www.projectcriss.com) in conjunction with strategically uses of color pens/markers/highlighters can impact student's process and retention of the content. My students dearly loved creating foldables for algebra. I later found out that they kept them all throughout high school to use as refreshers. Anytime students can create, they are actively engaged in the learning process.