Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stop.Start.Continue. #MSSunFun

Today is my last day of summer.  We are back tomorrow for a day of PD.  Tuesday is a work day but I will have a few meetings that will eat up most of my morning.  I'm heading in today to hopefully finish organizing my room.  I moved over a room so I had to relocate a few things.  We still don't have all of the results from our state testing. I find it frustrating to plan for this year, when I don't have data from last year.  So much for data driven decisions...

I'm not much for writing elaborate goals, but here are a few of the ideas that come to mind.  After reading everyones' some others will come surely come to mind.

  • Talking so much.
  • Worrying about everything.
  • Eating everything left in the teachers' lounge.
  • Holding on to hurt feelings for something that happened > a year ago (feeling less angry now - just hurt).  I'm hoping to heal more this year.  

  • Making videos for my YouTube Channel - for parents and students (more on this later)
  • Better defining the role of the intervention specialist in the classroom
  • Being better organized - (love my new teacher binder this year - thanks for all the great ideas)
  • Being more consistent with homework consequences.
  • Moving my grading back to SBG (got away from it last year)
  • Being a better listener.  
  • Using students' technology (Socrative)

  • Working with my instructional coach.
  • Being flexible in my plans and adjusting to student needs.
  • Thinking differently about the structure of my class.
  • Think, Pair, Share - get students talking.
  • Finding time for small group instruction (just need to find more times for it)
  • Trying to be less helpful.
  • Blogging.

I am really excited to meet my new students on Wednesday!

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  1. Dear Sarah....
    Love your lists and see myself in many of the things you've identified.

    I think the very first thing you listed....stop key. I may need a huge poster to remind me over and over. If we stop talking we'll hear what they know more often!!!